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Value plus Tech Solutions is a famous Energy And Electrical Parts Supplier and Manufacturer in India.

Based in Rajkot Value plus Tech Solutions is one of the leading business houses in the field of Ferrous & Non-ferrous Investment Castings Products, Sand castings part, Automobile ComponentForging Parts, M/C Finish Part, Aerospace Part, Energy And Electrical Parts, Agriculture Equipment, Electrical Part, etc.

Gravity Die Casting is a permanent mold casting process, where the molten metal is poured from a vessel or ladle into the mold. The mold cavity fills with no force other than gravity, the filling can be controlled by tilting the die. In order to cater to the variegated demands of our precious clients, we are offering an excellent quality range of Gravity Die Casting.

The die would be complete with the impression of the casting along with running, feeding, and venting systems. There is provision also for removal of the casting. To maintain the casting’s accuracy, the die can easily be cleared of debris such as hot metal splashes and sand.

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