Automobile Investment Casting Parts Supplier in India

Value plus Tech Solutions is a famous Automobile Investment Casting Parts Supplier in India.

Based in Rajkot, We are one of the leading business houses in the field of Ferrous & Non-ferrous Investment Castings Products, Sand castings part, Automobile ComponentForging Parts, M/C Finish Part, Aerospace Part, Agriculture Equipment, Electrical Part, etc.

Offered Automobile Investment Casting Parts can lower the cost of making close tolerances for better finish parts. These can often eliminate the machining as well as a multi-part assemblage. These are proffered with infinite alloy choices and insure little or zero waste of costly alloys.

Automobile Investment Casting Parts manufactured at our industry are applicable for multiple industrial sectors along with the automobile industry. The parts for the automobile industry are manufactured dimensionally and geometrically with the size range that meets the need of our clients and also minimizes the need for secondary machining. Our investment casting parts are highly affordable and they are been engineered precisely.

Features 0f Automobile Investment Casting Parts:

  • Accurate dimension
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent strength


  • Used as a component to install in automobiles

We also provide solutions for

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