Agriculture Sector Components Supplier

Value plus Tech Solutions is a famous Agriculture Sector Components Supplier and Manufacturer in India.

Based in Rajkot, We are one of the leading business houses in the field of Ferrous & Non-ferrous Investment Castings Products, Sand castings part, Automobile ComponentForging Parts, M/C Finish Part, Aerospace Part, Agriculture Equipment, Electrical Part, etc.

The materials of the Agriculture Sector Components include grey iron, ductile iron, and cast steel. The main Agricultural Machine Casting we produced includes tractor gearbox, iron bracket, reducer shell, belt pulley, cast iron cradle, iron support, brake drum, and axle support, etc.

Precision Castings produces agriculture castings for several applications including measuring and control devices, valves, and field equipment components. We have years of experience converting processing parts into investment castings, which is more cost-effective than fabrications and allows for tighter tolerances than sand castings.

Agriculture Sector Components including:

  • Waste Removal Equipment
  • Measuring and Control Devices
  • Pump Valves
  • Levers
  • Handles and Latches
  • Pivots
  • Rotary Disks
  • Sprinklers and Spreaders
  • Chain Sprockets
  • Clutch Pin
  • Stationary and Rotating Knives


  • Commendable sturdiness
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Superior capacity

We also provide solutions for

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